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Rigid Industries SR-M Series Light Bar Review

There are a lot of great lights available for 4wd vehicles, like the Tough Toys work lights and a huge choice of light bars. If you’re looking for something more compact your options are a bit restricted though. Lots of lights have a pretty rugged appearance, and that’s fine with plenty of enthusiasts. If you are looking for a smaller light without giving up performance we have some good news for you. We’ve just been checking out Rigid Industries’ SR-M range and they might be just what you’re after.

Rigid have been a big name in LED lighting for years, with their E Series lightbars and Duelly lights. Recently they came out with the SR – “Single Row” – lightbar range, which uses a single range of high efficiency 3W LEDs to give outstanding performance in a lower profile unit. Now they’re done the same with the new SR-M lights.

The first thing that’s obvious right out of the box is how compact these lights are. The familiar Duelly lights use four LEDs stacked in two rows, but here there are just two, larger LEDs. The second thing you’ll notice is the quality of the units. The casings are forged from 6063 aluminium and finished with a durable polyester powder coat, and the reflectors are protected by an unbreakable polycarbonate lens. The lens itself is set back behind a sturdy rim, giving it extra protection from low branches or anything else that might hit it. Like all Rigid lights the casing is rated IP68, so it’s totally dustproof and can be fully submerged in water without leaking. The whole package is finished off with a low profile mount, and you also get the necessary mounting hardware, wiring harness and switch.

So you’re probably wondering what these lights are good for. Pretty much anything, really. They’re compact enough that you could easily fit one as a handlebar light on a motorbike, but powerful enough to make great trailer floodlights, reversing lights or extra driving lights. The spot version will throw a useful 10° beam out more than 300 metres, and it’s also available in 20° flood and 60° diffused models. If that performance isn’t quite enough there are also the three-LED SR-M2 models, which offer the same low profile and not much more width. The SR-M2 is available in driving, wide and diffused beams. You can get any of them with an amber filter, too.

These really are great little lights. The SR-M models only draw 10W of power in total, but their performance is amazing. It’s pretty hard to get across how small they really are and when you see one for real you won’t believe how bright it is when powered up. They even look pretty stylish, and with a predicted 50,000 hour service life they’re reliable and good value. If you want compact lights you definitely need to check these out.