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Narva Senator Work Light Review

A good work light is an essential bit of gear for any 4wd enthusiast, and we’re always keen to check out what manufacturers are making available. The increased use of LED technology has made it a lot more interesting, too. A few years ago work lights could be pretty crude, but a lot of progress has been made. We’ve come across the Narva Senator in the past, but now Narva have a new LED model that we think looks pretty good.

The Senator LED work lamp puts out a bright flood pattern to light up your whole work area. It does this by using a total of seven 3W LEDs behind a diffuser, inside a sort of curved triangular case. This gives it a futuristic look which we quite liked. It’s effective too; total light output is 2000 lumens, which is pretty good for a compact unit like this. The light it puts out is nice and bright, so you should be able to work pretty much as well as in broad daylight.

The Senator is just under 7 inches wide and including the supplied mount stands 9 inches high. The casing is a tough black plastic, with a polycarbonate lens cover. The whole unit – including the on/off switch – is sealed to IP66 standard, meaning it’s completely dustproof and can stand up to high pressure water jets. It isn’t rated to survive being completely submerged, so try to avoid that, but working in the rain shouldn’t be any problem. There’s also a handle moulded into the top of the casing so you can easily adjust the lamp on its mount. In general we prefer metal housings, because you can’t beat them for protecting anything that might take a few knocks, but this certainly doesn’t feel flimsy. Of course the Senator is easy to dismount and keep out of the way when you’re driving, so it doesn’t have to face the same abuse as a lightbar or driving lights would.

The mount is a stainless steel item with tilt and pivot adjustment. It’s spring loaded, so the lamp can be easily shifted to a new position and it’ll stay there without having to play with bolts. That’s a nice touch when you’re busy. The mounting base is magnetic, so it can be easily positioned on any metal surface. It’s also fitted with rubber suction cups to protect your vehicle’s paintwork. Finishing off the package is a 2 metre power lead with a lighter socket plug, so you can use any vehicle system between 9 and 33 volts.

Work lights aren’t the sexiest accessory around, but they’re definitely something you need to have. The Narva Senator is a very nice one, making full use of LED technology to give you a flexible, capable unit.