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Cosmoblaze CREE LED Light Bar Review

While Cosmoblaze is relatively new in the LED lights arena, I am quite confident to say that it can hold a candle to some of the most popular and well established brands of LED lighting devices today such as Rigid Industries, VisionX, Roo Systems, and Baja Designs among others.

Currently, Cosmoblaze offers both single and double-row light bars: two for the single row models and four for the double row models. Size ranges from six inches to 30 inches and light output varies for each light bar. First off, one of the things we like best about Cosmoblaze it its solid housing.

When you take the light bar out of the box, you'll notice immediately that the housing has a rigid and well-built design. Like many premium LEDs, the housing or casing is made from extruded 6063 aluminium. The reflectors, on the other hand, are enclosed within an unbreakable and abrasion-resistant polycarbonate lens. My friends and I tried scratching the PC lens against concrete to see if the manufacturer's claims were true and it definitely took us a lot of "scratching" before we can see noticeable nicks and scuffs on the surface of the PC lens.

With an IP68 rating (label says the light bars also conform to IP69 standards), Cosmoblaze is totally proofed against dust and water, even when completely submerged. It also has rubber seals, pressure equalising vents, and brass nickel-plated cable connector to complete its waterproofing design. With these features, I'm totally at ease using this light bar under all weather conditions. As for eliminating excess heat generated by the LED light bulbs, I've noticed that Cosmoblaze has dual oversized heat sink and military-standard breather for excellent heat dispersal.

The light bar I've tested also has a cast alloy leg mount. It doesn't rattle easily, even when the vehicle is driven on uneven and rough terrain. I believe this is something many 4WD enthusiasts like me are looking for in an auxiliary lighting device for touring vehicles. When it comes to light output and intensity, I'm giving Cosmoblaze a two thumbs-up. Output is excellent and extremely bright. I have tested both the six-inch double row (CBDR36) and the 20-inch single row (CBSR100WH) light bars to do a comparison.

Suffice to say, I am quite impressed with the light colour and temperature I got from the lighting devices. The LEDs are also fully UV-screened so there's no worry of the light changing in colour or dimming in intensity after prolonged usage. The six-inch double row light bar has a continuous intensity of about 2500 lumens but I think it can reach up to 4,000lm at most when in full power. Its spot lights can reach distances of up to 400 metres, give or take, while the flood lights can reach distances of around 290m. As for the 20-inch single row light bar, light output is consistent at around 8560lm.

Like the smaller light bar, it can also be switched to flood, spot, and a combination of both. Spot lights can reach distances of about a kilometre and a half while flood lights, I believe, can reach up to 1,100 metres. There's no lux loss so Cosmoblaze is quite dependable when it comes to the light output department. Now, let's talk about price.

As compared to other premium light bars available today, Cosmoblaze is relatively cheaper. In fact, I was quite surprised that I was able to get impressive and excellent results from a light bar of this price range. If you're looking for a much cheaper alternative to LEDs like Rigid Industries or Roo Systems, Cosmoblaze is definitely worth checking out.