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VisionX Rechargable Work Light Review

If you spend any time off road in a 4wd vehicle then sooner or later you’re going to need a work light. Whether you have to carry out minor repairs, remove a dead branch from under the chassis or just look for your keys a good light is going to come in handy. The work lights most of us are familiar with are pretty basic things – usually just a cable and a wire cage with a bulb in it. They work pretty well, but they’re a bit crude and of course the trailing cable can get in the way. That usually happens at the worst possible moment, of course.

Technology is improving all the time, though, and that makes a difference to the things we use. New techniques, materials and components can make practically anything smaller, easier to use and more effective. Yes, even work lights.

VisionX is an Australian company that specialises in high quality lighting systems. We’ve reviewed a few of their lightbars and found them to be very effective and solidly made. Now VisionX have come up with a new work light and we really, really like it. It’s rechargeable, so it doesn’t need a cable, and it doubles up as a handy flashlight. It’s also solid and easy to use.

The VisionX rechargeable work light is built around a sturdy and ergonomic handle containing a lithium ion battery. It has a comfortable rubber grip and the whole unit is just over ten inches long, so it’s really easy to use in confined spaces. To recharge the battery just plug it in to the supplied charger; with the lithium technology it uses there’s no need to worry about charge memory, it’s good for about 300 full charge cycles and it stores enough juice to run the light for six hours.

The light itself is just above the handle and it’s a flat panel with 16 flush-mounted LEDs. These have a low power consumption, which is why you get such great battery life, but they’re also very, very bright. If you’ve ever struggled with the yellow glow from a bulb you’re really going to appreciate this. The light has a colour temperature of 7000K, so it’s a clear white light that’s very close to natural sunlight. Above the light panel is a heavy rubber collar to protect it from any knocks, and on the end is an array of six more LEDs so you can use the light as a powerful flashlight, too. Yes it really is powerful – we compared it with a D-cell Maglite and it was easily a match for it.

This VisionX work light really is a must have for your 4wd vehicle. We guarantee it’s better than the one you have now, and as it also serves as a great flashlight you won’t need to invest in one of those. It’s tough, practical and it even looks fantastic. What more could you want?