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We're big fans of awnings as a way to make camping with a 4wd a better experience. A bit of shade makes it a lot easier to relax after a long day behind the wheel, and gives you somewhere to sit for a couple of drinks after dinner. Of course if you're enjoying yourself you're probably going to be sitting round long after it gets dark, so some lighting is going to be handy. We're sure that everyone who's spent time outdoors has struggled to hang a lantern from the frame of their awning or had to improvise something with a work light, so we think LED awning lights are a great step forward. They're robust, compact and easy to use.

So, what do we look at when we review LED awning lights? There are a few things we consider, because it's important to consider the package as a whole. Here's some of the stuff we look at:

Build Quality. We like to see lights that are well put together. They can take a few knocks, because many of them permanently attack to your awning and that gets put up and taken down quite a lot. It doesn't matter how bright your lights are if they break first time you roll up the awning.

Brightness. You want lights that throw enough illumination to do whatever it is you're getting up to - reading, cooking or whatever. Dim lights will attract insects, but that's about all they're good for, We also think about the quality of light - is it nice while light or a harsh glare?

Ease of Use. When you're setting up your camp the last thing you want is a half hour struggle to get the lights sorted out. We make sure they're simple to deal with. That covers everything from being easy to attach to your awning, right up to checking for nice long power leads.

We think that just about covers what you need to know, but of course if we have any comments about price, warranties or anything else you'll be getting that too!

Tough LED Awning Lights - Tough Toys

Tough LED Awning Lights - Tough Toys

7 Aug '13

LED lights have made a big impact in the market for lightbars and work lights. With their shock resistance and long life it’s the perfect technology for vehicle mounting, and older style halogen and HID lights are quickly becoming obsolete. LEDs have a few other advantages too, though. They’re compact and don’t drain a lot of power, and this makes them ideal for some other uses. For example we’re a big fan of awnings when we’re camping at the end of a day, but it can be tricky getting decent light under them. Trying to hang a flashlight or lantern so you can see what you’re doing but it won’t get knocked down every time somebody heads for the cooler is a hassle we could do without, and LEDs suggest a few ways of doing that. We’ve just been looking at some LED awning light kits by 4wd specialist Tough Toys.

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